Ciclopi proposes a new way of living with rugs, but not exclusively as furnishing objects, but as elements that offer the possibility of imagination, within the domestic space, an island, refined and comfortable, to live with extreme liberty and fantasy. Inspired by the myth of the archipelago near Aci Trezza, which recounts the story of Polyphemus throwing large stones into the water, one after the other, to block the escape of Ulysses, Elisa Ossino has design the Ciclopi collection of organic wool carpets for Amini, which consists of a series of larger rugs, with rounded and soft forms, and a line of smaller rugs, conceived as a support thanks to their six-centimetre thickness. Overlapping these rugs with the larger ones, one can create extemporaneous solutions that redesign, according to the wishes of the moment, these elegant furnishing elements, ideal for the living area, but which can be placed anywhere, ready to function as seating, a headrest, a shelf to organize books, newspapers, work objects or hold a drink.

The colour palette is conceived in soft tones. The smaller rugs are tone-on-tone with the larger ones, in order to create elegant colour combinations and allow the maximum flexibility, even from a formal point of view. The design of a circle inscribed within the irregular figure of the rug has suggested the formal recollection of the eye of the cyclops, inspiring the name of the collection.

The staging of Amini’s booth at Domotex, in addition to presenting the protagonists of the collection, on the floor or walls in their different possible compositions, also presents a thematic moodboard and physical samples of the natural “ingredients” that have given life to the mix of colours, to conduct the visitor (and also the Amini partners, the architects and designers, the clients) in an educational process in the discovery of the origins of every single colour variation.

A journey into wool, cotton, and organic dyes by Amini: the company participates in Domotex 2024 with an exhibition entirely dedicated to exploring the future of conscious textiles. The Ciclopi collection, designed by Elisa Ossino, is introduced. Amini is proud to present a wide range of organic materials and natural dyeing techniques, embodying a commitment to both elegance and eco-responsibility. Amini’s presence at Domotex is not just conceived as a commercial showcase for carpets but is a strategic partnership to weave an even more sustainable future for the handmade carpet industry.

Born from refined and meticulous research on raw materials and the world of colour, comes a new collection of rugs in organic wool: Ciclopi, designed by Elisa Ossino.

The material composition and the natural dyeing method are the authentic protagonists of a collection that is mainly inspired by the theme of the environmental impact of its process and of the relationship between man and the elements of nature. The colours of the organic wool are defined ad hoc utilising natural ingredients like pomegranate peel, the stems and roots of the Rubia (an Indian plant), lac dye (a sub-product of processing of the Kerria Lacca insect), leaves of Bio Indigo for natural indigo and different from other “ingredients” of botanic origin from which organic tints are extracted.

The result of this meticulous research, of the “recipe” that has given life to new colourations of organic wool, has been shared with designer and art director Elisa Ossino, who, in turn, gave her interpretation of the design of the Ciclopi collection, to give form to a new concept starting from a material so very alive.



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