Materially was established in January 2020, inheriting the skills and knowledge content of Material ConneXion Italia, a licensee of Material ConneXion Inc., present in Milan since 2002. Headquartered in New York, since 1997 Material ConneXion (MCX) has pioneered the creation of a physical materials library and a database entirely dedicated to materials. Today Materially is an independent consultancy company, a point of reference in Italy and internationally for the search of material solutions in every area of design application. Strengthened by a design-driven approach, it combines the needs of the manufacturing world, the demands of sustainability and circularity and the doing-well, doing-beautiful and doing-creative aspects of Italian culture. Over the years, the partnership with MCX has proceeded and Materially still hosts one of the most interesting material libraries in the world focused on innovation and sustainability, kept constantly updated through a widespread global scouting action.

Il cielo in una stanza / The Sky in the Room

A journey in the Italian research for sustainable flooring solutions

Insight Italy at Domotex 2024 is an opportunity to take stock of Italian research towards a sustainable approach in resilient flooring materials.

Materially will present the theme through a journey along the steps taken in recent years by Italian companies in the industry supply chain. The exhibition aims at enticing visitors to approach the world of carpets and flooring materials and to expand professionals’ knowledge on material solutions available on the market.  Even more, it aims at providing food for thought in sight of a shared reflection on the directions the industry can choose to take.


Materially helps companies in the development and promotion of sustainable innovation starting from materials. We work with a focus on Circular Economy and intelligent innovation thanks to design thinking methods and a broad background of international projects and experiences.



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